Broca Creative has launched!

Hello, stranger. Welcome to Broca Creative: we’re a content lab based in Bristol, UK.

…And as you’ve been kind enough to visit our blog, I’ll leave the plural pronouns there. Let’s get personal. I’m Amy; though if you’ve worked with me before, you might know me as The Grammar Hammer.

With a nickname like that, it’s not wholly surprising that I’ve decided to break away from my day job to start up Broca Creative. The reasons are multiple; but it all boils down to the following:

  • All I want to do is create beautiful, valuable and well-crafted content…
  • …because traditional marketing died on its arse when brands realised consumers want to be helped, not marketed to…
  • …as demonstrated by the fact that 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep*…
  • …and I want to make sure those 3-5 pieces are bloody glorious. For both parties.


What you can expect from the Broca Creative blog

In a digital-content-driven world, it’s a bold move. The pressure is well and truly on, particularly when strategising our own blog. I’m a firm believer in transparency, so make sure you subscribe to get updates on:

  • Content tips: I’ll be exposing some of the basic tricks of my own trade. This will be helpful for anyone who’s a content newbie looking to step up to amateur level.
  • Creativity in Bristol: it’s who we are! Content creation requires inspiration. The real-world kind.
  • Content inspiration: Because all of that real-world creativity is great; but we’re excited by how it manifests online.
  • Company updates (and exclusive, subscriber-only promotions and discounts): because everyone loves a freebie.

Next week I’ll be sharing 3 free tools for writing better blog posts.


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