“Creative, innovative, collaborative, open, and bright, Amy has contributed significantly to the evolution of brand content at ColArt, in addition to being a lovely person with whom to work.”

Heidi Atwal, Senior Content Manager, ColArt

“I am constantly impressed by her work, whether it be on the hours and intensity she puts in, or from the results that come from her hard work. Amy is a formidable force within marketing, but also funny, thoughtful and empathetic.”

– Ben Ferris, Sales Manager, KeyAGENT

“A content chameleon, Amy can adapt her style in a second; one minute writing an article aimed at professional artists, and the next creating a party how-to guide for mothers. Amy’s ability to adapt her tone of voice is a true talent. She produces content at lightning speed, which is a key trait when you’re working towards tight deadlines.”

– Emily Weston, Social Media Manager, Winsor & Newton